Living in Lancaster & Surrounding Areas, summer can be an awfully long wait.  When temperatures finally climb, they tend to soar, right along with the humidity.  You depend on your air conditioning system for a comfortable and enjoyable home environment.  Make sure your cooling equipment is ready for the challenge.  Call on the experts from Comfortable Design Inc. for seasonal upkeep in the spring, and we’ll perform the meticulous cleaning, tuning, and troubleshooting that catches and corrects problems, saving you the time, expense, and aggravation of a sudden malfunction on the hottest night of the year.  Completing an extensive task list, we maximize cooling capacity, dehumidification capability, and air quality, while keeping costs and sound levels at a minimum. When you call Comfortable Design Inc. at (717) 252-2078 for proactive upkeep, the benefits add up to greater satisfaction from your investment.


We’ll help you stay on top of your A/C service!

Comfortable Design Inc. fulfills the requirements of your manufacturer’s warranty to ensure continued coverage.  Taking the opportunity to address wear and tear, clean major components, make adjustments, and eliminate contaminants throughout the system, we significantly extend service life and protect the health and cleanliness of your indoor environment.  All service is handled quickly, neatly, and without disruption to your home.  Our licensed, trained, and experienced specialists show up right on time, and dressed professionally in uniform.

With air conditioning service from Comfortable Design Inc., you’ll stay cool all summer long!

We are prepared with a full range of specialized tools, quality replacement parts, and cutting-edge diagnostic technology, to optimize results and ongoing performance of your air conditioner.  Providing the Best in Home Comfort Since 1988, Comfortable Design Inc. is the trustworthy choice for homeowners across Lancaster, York, Wrightsville & more.

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