Sometimes the installation of duct-work just isn’t practical. You don’t want to deal with a lengthy project, major renovation, and expense.  Comfortable Design Inc. answers your indoor temperature control challenge with a ductless split system.  Whether you’re looking to improve comfort in one room, or multiple rooms, converting a garage or basement to usable living space, or adding on to your home, a ductless system is quick and economical to install, and provides exceptional heating and cooling capability.  Take advantage of a cordless remote or WiFi connectivity to manage the system from you smartphone, and switch easily from heating to cooling, adjust speeds, and quickly raise or lower temperature.  Ductless HVAC is wonderfully quiet, energy efficient, and easy to operate.  The indoor units are streamlined, lightweight, and attractive, mounting just about anywhere and complimenting any decor.  Call on the experienced professionals from Comfortable Design Inc. for ductless split system installation, seasonal maintenance, and prompt repair in Lancaster & Surrounding Areas, and we’ll put precision control in your hands.


Enjoy the benefits of a ductless heating and cooling system!

Ductless systems provide wonderful versatility.  An exterior wall, access to electricity, and a small three-inch hole for the conduit is about all you need.  The outside unit is compact, and with flexible line lengths, able to be tucked in an unobtrusive location.  Multiple indoor units each feature independent control, allowing you to personalize temperatures room-by-room and only condition occupied spaces for greater cost saving potential.  There’s none of the noise, maintenance, or energy waste associated with ductwork, and these innovative systems also offer dedicated dehumidification modes, timed operation, and sleep modes.  The rewards just keep adding up.  Comfortable Design Inc. makes sure of it.  We’ll help you determine the right system for your specific needs, proper location for peak performance, and most often, we complete installation in a single day.  Providing the Best In Home Comfort Since 1988, the team from Comfortable Design Inc. has the background, training, and specialized tools to improve comfort and deliver greater benefits for homeowners across Lancaster, York, Wrightsville & more.

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