Boiler systems are the perfect solution for homes of all sizes and styles, including multi-family dwellings and historic residences.  Boosting comfort, safety, and efficiency, a modern boiler is the ideal defense against the long and often brutal winters in Lancaster & Surrounding Areas.  Comfortable Design Inc. draws from extensive experience installing new steam and hot water boilers, as well as retrofitting equipment, to match your specific requirements to the right solution.  We handle your project without delays, major disruption, or damage to your home.  Every aspect is completed in a timely and organized manner, and to your specifications.  Combining quality products with meticulous job performance, Comfortable Design Inc. creates a wonderfully warm home for you to enjoy without straining your budget.  Contact us at (717) 252-2078, and speak to a helpful member of our team for further information, knowledgeable recommendations, and accommodating appointment times.


Dependable Boiler System Installations & Service

While exceptionally reliable, boilers require seasonal inspection, maintenance, and every now and then, a replacement part to ensure maximum efficiency and service life.  The professionals from Comfortable Design Inc. are well-versed in all makes and models, and provide skilled and conscientious upkeep to meet your highest expectations.  If you should experience any concerns with the performance of your boiler, call on us for prompt repairs, and our licensed technicians will arrive prepared to resolve even the toughest challenge on the spot.  To ensure smooth operation and ideal comfort at all times, Comfortable Design Inc. protects our customers with 24-hour Emergency Service, with no overtime fees, across Lancaster, York, Wrightsville & more.

Some of the many advantages of residential boiler heating systems include:

  • Clean – Heat radiates into existing air, with no new air, dust particles, or allergens entering the indoor environment.
  • Comfortable – Heat is infused into the room rather than forced through ductwork and vents, resulting in a gentle comfort that disperses more evenly.
  • Zoning – By distinguishing specific zones, you can personalize room-by-room comfort and only heat occupied spaces for greater energy savings.
  • Quiet – Eliminating the noise of air circulating through vents, operational sound is limited to the boiler, and the rest of the system is virtually silent.
  • Longevity – A regularly serviced and well-maintained boiler system can provide dependable operation for several decades.

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