Comfortable Design Inc. offers the outstanding rewards of professional installation, replacement, maintenance, and repair, of both conventional and tankless water heaters.  Our licensed specialists ensure efficient and reliable operation through top quality products and services.  We resolve malfunctions to your satisfaction, and are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for Emergency Service without overtime fees.  Call on us for conscientious job performance, rapid response, and swift turnaround on all projects.  We arrive as scheduled, equipped for the task at hand, and never leave you with mess, debris, or damage.  Our goal is always to provide greater value for your investment, which does not necessarily include the cheapest water heater available.  Prioritizing reliability, efficiency, and equipment longevity, we recommend only those products of superior quality with proven track records and comprehensive warranties.  Providing the Best in Home Comfort Since 1988, Comfortable Design Inc. delivers results you can depend on, day in and day out.


Water Heater Installations, Service & Repairs

Comfortable Design Inc. specializes in both conventional storage tank style water heaters, and innovative tankless models.  Our experienced technicians will help you determine the right option for your household requirements and lifestyle.  Tankless systems are designed to heat water on demand, rather than continually reheating water stored in a tank. The advantages include substantial savings on your monthly bills, double the lifespan of a tank-style heater, and a unit that is only the size of a small suitcase.  Mounted on the wall, inside or outside the home, a tankless unit offers considerable space savings. You’ll also enjoy an endless amount of hot water, without waiting for it to warm up.  And since the water has not been stored in a tank, it’s always wonderfully clean.  By factoring in all aspects of hot water demand in your household, the professionals from Comfortable Design Inc. tailor solutions to perfectly meet your expectations, handling your installation project to exceptional standards.  We are your water heating experts across Lancaster, York, Wrightsville & more.